Veggies 101

I have started a vegetable garden! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I'm excited to finally be able to say "I have a garden". I watched my mom plant flowers and landscape the yard all my life and now I am finally following in her footsteps and growing some of my own greens.

Since I live in a city, space is always an issue. Last year my friend Heather started a small garden in a space between the Greyhouse and the apartments that almost back up to the house. I went back there this year and got all Rambo on this overgrown area. I cut up this crazy looking bush and made a space for my garden.

Here is a before and after picture of the space I cleared away.

I have planted a variety of veggies including cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes. My goal is too basically grow all the fixins needed to make a rockin’ salad.

You might ask “why are you making a garden, are you going all communal hippie on us?”. Well, not exactly. I believe God definitely wants us to take care of this beautiful planet called earth (Gen. 1:28-29) and for me caring for a little patch of earth is a good place to start learning about this land He has given us.

If you would like to get involved in this project you can do that in a variety of ways. You can send money (donate online or send checks to the mailing addy given on the main page) to help cover the cost of seeds, gardening tools, and other materials needed for the upkeep of the garden (I would like to make a “water barrel” and that costs about $30.00 dollars). You can also email me any advice you might have about gardening; I'm a novice at doing this. Or you can simply pray that I will have the knowledge and know- how to make this garden a success.

Thanks for your participation.


Anonymous Sabrina The Great said...

Growing your own food is unexpectedly one of THEEEE best things life has to offer. I have strawberries, basil, chives, tyme, MINT oh mint is the best! Cherry tomatoes are fun but lemon trees are the best...you can do SO much with them!!Spinach and radicchio...rosemary's awesome too but not too much! I've always want to grow my own green beans..hmm..Just make sure you keep them moist but not TOO wet and make sure they get sun 2/3 of the day so they don't dry out..it's spring so God already set things in motion for ya...


Anyway I'll stop blabbing on your blog

6:13 AM  

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