Home (For Now).

It took over a month but I finally found a place to live. Looking for a place in this small college town was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was me and about 8,000 or so other folks all trying to find the same thing: an affordable, efficient space that isn't a dump.

It quickly came to my attention that (and ridiculously popular) Craigslist was the number one spot to check out what was available. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one using Craigslist to find a potential place to live. I went to view a number of apartments and was surprised to see not only me and the person showing the place but a small army of peeps my age and younger crawling around the empty apartment. There were so many responses to the ads that the landlord would just simply set up an open house and let whoever was interested in the unit fill out an application and hope for the best.

While I understood the reasons for these "open house" apartment viewings I must say that I came to utterly despise them. I did not want to be looking at an apartment with 15 other people all foaming at the mouth in hopes of perhaps being "the chosen one". This "free for all" form of apartment hunting did not suit me.

I am not all that competitive and really hate making snap decisions (especially ones that carry quiet a bit of monetary weight) while under undue amounts of pressure. This is why I will always make a very unsuccessful Capitalist.

So after responding to an ad in the local paper (I would get up every morning and pour over the "unfurnished apartments" section of the Herald, just hoping to spot something within my price range that 50 other people hadn't already called about) in the form of a hand written note attached to the office door I finally got the call.

I looked at the place, liked what I saw and quickly determined that this small space would be worth paying the monthly rental price they were asking.

A massive "thank you" goes out to the Day family who not only let me crash in their basement for the last month but made me feel like a member of their wonderfully large family. These people are good folks for sure.

Here are a few photos of the new digs.


Blogger David James Harris said...

I'm glad you have a place. I hope it becomes a home soon. I have so much to tell you. Sorry i never came up to see you. Really.

2:56 PM  
Blogger wilsonian said...

I love these images.

Rather than feeling stark (as I first might have expected) the black and white images feel peaceful and meditative. I pray that this space is soon filled with your thoughts...

The colour shot is a lovely picture of hope. Expectant. I pray that many friends of all ages cross that threshold.

Home is a beautiful word.

5:15 PM  
Blogger kelsey lee said...

this looks like a corey kind of home.

7:17 PM  

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