Strange Convention

So apparently their was a convention of some sort in St. Paul, Minnesota this past monday. It appears as though a bunch of white people gathered together and listened to other white people give speeches about how great they are and why you should listen to what they have to say.

Then everyone in the big corporately owned convention center cheered as their fearless white leaders told stories of how they would run America if only you would elect them for President.

But really, who cares about what these talking heads (not to be confused with the amazing band from the eighties that share the same name) have to say? It's all just noise.

What I was most interested in was the 50 million in "federal grant money" that was used to pay off the St. Paul police force, turning a service paid by and provided for the average citizen into a thug squad sent out to violently (and illegally) beat down anyone who might be excersising their right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest.

I saw one photo of a dude breaking some glass and the first thing I looked for beneath the photo was the word "anarchist". And sure enough, barely two paragraphs beneath the photo I found what I was looking for, "A mob of 200 anarchists...". Gotta love the corporate media. It's always more concerned with broken storefront windows than broken people and broken systems.

It blows my mind to see the predictability in how the media reports any major protest in America. They try to diminish the intentions of the protest by focusing on the unorthodox actions of a few. The media understands that if they can marginalize the protesters and make them appear to be a bunch of crazed individuals just looking for a fight then you, the reader, the viewer, will find nothing with which to draw any commonality between you and this psychotic mob of raving lunatics.

Which is as far from the truth as can be. Most of the people I have met at protests have been very down to earth and peaceful. Sure there have been the occasional folks just looking for a fight, but that is an exception, not the rule.

Ok, enough about the media. They're a joke and I'm tired. Goodnight.


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What up stud. Your shots are lookin beautiful. You should come down here and show some work with me next month! You are love broham! Ps my house and truck are still alive. Gustav didnt wipe them out

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