Before The Dawn

I don’t know why 5:45 am. Tim was moving around up stairs. It was hot in my bed. Four covers were not necessary. I walked outside and watched a plane come in to view. The slow moving orange glow of landing lights twinkling in the early morning dawn. Actually dawn had not yet come and the better half of a waning moon still shone quietly behind a thin layer of clouds.

Then the eagles woke up and one started screeching at the other. They have a nest in a tree not but 600 feet from my doorstep.

I went back inside, put the kettle on, ground some beans and washed a few errant dishes leftover from last nights meal.

I should be an explorer of the early morning. Of those fleeting moments before the night gives up all of its ghosts to the coming dawn. I should be one of those ghosts.


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