It’s 11,880 miles away, and as a result should feel far enough removed for me to not even give it a second thought. Yet I do. Headlines tell a tragic story, kindergarten children being murdered in far away Chinese cities. Cities I have never heard of and can’t even pronounce the names of.

I can’t ignore the headlines. They tell too much of our common story to be dismissed as mere insanity. The world is changing, changing faster than any time that has come before it. Empires seem to rise and fall overnight. Everything seems to be in a boom or bust cycle. Entire nations booming and busting. Displacement of whole families, villages, cities.

In all of this “progress” I wonder. I wonder what is the real cost of this supposed “advancement”? What is the true cost, in humane and human terms, of what we are doing?

And really, what are we doing? I was telling my mother that it feels as if all of humanity is rushing headlong toward the edge of a precipice. Some of us can see the edge clearer than others. Some of us are wondering what’s beyond the edge. This is a strange time to be alive. A strange time to be a part of the human race. Never before have so many of our common destinies been so intertwined.

We are rushing at break neck speed toward something, and I hear barely even a whisper being murmured about what that something might be.


Blogger AdamBam said...

I feel it too, man.

It all feels like we're stuck in the midst of an Orwellian plot, powerless to do anything about it.

But we're not allowed to think like that...

3:17 PM  
Blogger maryellen said...

As the disease erupts in the worlds societies, we are faced with a choice on how to "take in" or react to what we see and hear. Sometimes we cannot take it in, so we must shut out of our hearts the burden of such news.
I am grieving the Oil spill in the Gulf Coast and beyond, and feel helpless.And yet, I still seek out news of the tragedy, somehow making myself want to care.
but today, to care for my family, I plant a small garden and get excited about the prospects of healthy food this summer.
peace , friends

6:08 PM  
Blogger Corey said...


How do you cope with this reality? I mean, you have children to think of as well so how do you communicate to them any hope for a livable future when we seem to be stuck in an increasingly unlivable present?

Also, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's always nice to be reminded that one is not alone in their thoughts.


I feel the helplessness as well. And planting a garden, no matter the size, does seem to help one focus on the manageable micro amidst the seemingly chaotic macro.

8:21 AM  
Blogger BoxCarKatee said...

I feel it. Its nice to hear someone else talk about it. I get so tired sometimes seeing things that others care not to see. Its renewing to know other people have there eyes and souls watching and wondering. If only everyone didn't shove there head in the sand.
Peace & Good Will Friend.

8:04 AM  

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