Forgo The Ego

If this hollow earth doesn’t swallow me whole, may the pagan Sun burn away all that is near and dear to me.

Ego can be let go. Leggo my ego. I'm in there somewhere. It can often be so hard to see the forest for the “me’s”.

Make me as integral and organic as the photosynthesized water droplet. May my being once again be simple and sustainable.

Let the insanity cease to hold me. The shock is wearing off, although my ears are still ringing.

I wasn’t born a prisoner, I won’t live like one for the rest of my waking days.

May my eyes remain wide, in awe of the nutrients and spirits that collaborate to sustain this body of wonder.

To hear, to touch, to see, to love and to appreciate. To quietly know deep within what does not need confirming from anything without.

You sit beneath this tree and listen, beneath this sky and hear.

You are “home” as much as you’ll ever be; this field is where you belong.


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