Looking for the intersection...

Here's a snippet from a conversation I had with Joelle last night.

Me: “…one of my biggest fears is that I will not be able to mesh the three together and yet still hold fast to what I truly have a deep desire to do”.

Joelle: “But don’t you think that the three can coexist together with a healthy balance struck between them?”

Me: “Yes, I fully believe that. It's just a matter of getting my mind to agree.”

The “three” we were discussing “meshing” together was job, dream, and marriage. I confessed to Joelle that mentally it is the hardest thing for me to see how what I would like to do in life (dream) and what I should do in life (job, marriage) can come together and actually strengthen each other. I mean what can you do when you think that a job or marriage can only take away from the thing that is closest to your heart? On the other hand I fully believe that there is a point where the lines intersect; I just don’t know where that point is and even worse I don’t know how to get there.

I have thought about this idea for a long time, but last night was the first time I could identify the problem so concisely.

Perhaps I’ll expound on this thought a little later. It’s kind of “rough” right now and I'm afraid that I have taken to rambling.


Anonymous Lori said...

So odd that I should stumble upon your site when you post this. Currently, my plans for the summer include many things that could perhaps advance me into many opportunities in the career industry OR into things that are more related to the bigger dreams in my heart. This has been my struggle lately. Should I choose the things that would be a security for my career? Should I choose the things that will bring joy, peace, and life to my heart? Will those two things intersect? Soon? Maybe? I didn't know other people had these thoughts. hmm

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there! I am sry i havent been keeping in touch i have been super busy. I am planning on comming to seattle for a DTS in september. hopefully. waiting on a few things but i hope that everything works out so i can come.yey.

stephanie from

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