Some clouds, Matt Hopper and a good day.

Today was a really good day. There wasn’t anything in particular that made it a good day, it just was. I drank some really good coffee (from Whole Foods), which I made in my trusty French press. After that I attempted to type up a shelter/food bank list to post outside the Abbey for anyone who might need the information. While typing up the list I decided to play some music from my Itunes library by a guy named Matt Hopper and was very pleased at what I heard. What pleased me even more was the fact when I checked to see if he was coming to Seattle anytime soon I not only found out he would be playing here but that he would be playing in Seattle this weekend less than a mile away from where I live! Now that’s amazing.

Upon completing the shelter list I met with my friend William and we talked about life while walking around downtown Fremont on an amazingly sunny day. I then went to Ivars Salmon House to check and see if they were going to hire me as a busser. I didn’t get an answer yet but I should hear back from them in a day or so. I then went grocery shopping and took the bus back home.

After sitting at home for a while and eating dinner I decided to figure out whom I should vote for (I am now a registered voter hear in Seattle!) and realized that the candidates are all a joke and decided to write my own name in for every space available.

My friend Mike called me and told me of his really bad day he had so I jumped on my bike and rode down 45th avenue to the "teriyaki bowl" place. I sat and tried to reassure mike that everything would be ok.

After a time I left Mike and met William at Kate’s Pub, drank a good micro brew and threw some darts at a board (I had the highest score of the game, unfortunately that is bad when playing darts). After my goodbyes I hopped on my bike and rode home in the dark with my taillight blinking.

And now it is 12:10 a.m. as I finish up this post. Goodnight.

This post was written last night but the internet was down so i couldnt post it then. Thanks for reading it in past tense.


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