North To The Future (or maybe just Canada)

Well, I’m off to the Great White North or Canada to be more exact for a long weekend (Vancouver, B.C. to be even more exact). There are all kinds of rumors that swirl around my neighbors too the north, two of them being that they all live in igloos and say "eh" and "aboot" every other word (the latter is actually true in some cases).

What I can tell you about this amazing place is that there is a profound change in attitude and mindset that happens to the people living above the 49th parallel. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is a definite difference in people’s attitudes towards life and the way they respond to it. It could be the media influence (or lack of it), the government (once again, the lack of it) or the beer (they have some rockin’ pubs in Vancouver).

Either way, my time spent in Canada is always a pleasure and I always come away from there wondering what makes this country that is so close in proximity to us so very different from us.

Maybe I’ll bring this conversation up with a few Canadians while I’m there and see what they have to say about all of this.

Stay tuned for Canada’s take on Canada.


Blogger ryguy said...

Im glad my country has a habbit of treating you so well. its true. we do have Great beer. Thanks for the rants man!!

7:31 PM  

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