On To Life

Prayers, blessings, words of encouragement and kisses on the cheek have been abundant this last week as my time at the Fremont Abbey and Seattle has come to pass. Its not an end though, just a new path, a trail that is a little less worn than the one I’ve been walking.

Seattle has changed me.

I came to this city with the hope of changing it but instead was changed by it. The people, the land, the history, the fog-laden winters and the sun drenched summers all cumulated to make this city a faithful companion.

I am leaving behind a lifetimes worth of solid relationships. The people here have loved me and welcomed me in like a brother or a long lost son. When I look back now I see that coming to Seattle was like coming home.

Thank you to everyone in this gold rush city. Thank you for loving me, for taking me in. Thank you YWAM and the good folks at the Fremont Abbey, I wish both of these organizations the best. If I did not visit with you this time around know that it is only because my time was short and the to do list was long.

And now it’s on to growing gardens, camping in wooded valleys, and building houses. On to Orcas Island and new friendships. On to living for today and loving what is in front of me at this very moment.

It’s on to life for me.


Blogger Laura said...

sounds...exciting, and fulfilling.
Here's a Blessing for your adventure ahead :)

May the Peace of the
Lord Christ go with you,
Wherever He may send you,
May He guide you
Through the wilderness,
Protect you through the storm.
May he bring you home rejoicing
at the wonders He has shown you,
May he bring you home rejoicing
Once again into our doors

-From: The Celtic Daily Prayer Book

p.s. I love camping!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Keith Boger said...

May God continue to bless you my friend and brother in Christ. May He continue to reveal His truth to you (John 16:13) and His will for your life and grant you the grace to obey that will. Be blessed, KB

11:59 AM  
Blogger kelsey said...

i miss your blog updates. what am i supposed to read now when i'm bored?

10:14 PM  

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