Remaining Cognizant

Wet wood does not burn well. I know this because for the last week I have been trying to burn logs that are greener than I would like them to be. But I am man and I know how to burn water from the log. I stack small dry kindling on top of a bed of crumpled paper. Paper is lit and prayers are muttered for a greedy flame to find purchase upon a dry piece of tinder, chasing away the last vestiges of a Sunless night.

These are my morning prayers. That flame would burn quick and bring warmth to a still cold and waking world.

The blown over apple trees in the front yard bloomed last week. They smelled delicious. I stood close to blossoms and allowed their fragrance to enchant me. A small bird poked its head from the birdhouse that hung onto these crooked limbs. He chattered a warning at me, something about leaving him and his family be I think.

For the past two nights now I have heard the distant thunder of huge military planes laboring beneath the weight of their unholy cargo as they struggle to take off from an installment not far enough away from this island.

It’s only taken one month to nearly forget the life I left behind in the city. Soon enough I will return, give away my things, and leave again for another adventure. I’ll not be spending the summer months in Seattle this year. It’s off to another island not to far from the one I'm currently on. The woods have reminded me of a long lost love who I would be a fool not to follow.

It’s time for sleep now, time to let the lullaby of warplanes serenade me past this world of cognizance and into a dream state.


Blogger Tim T. said...

Long lost love ehh... Where are you thinking of heading to? I know these comment sections are where I'm supposed to interject my opinion but I feel like being a rebel and going against the grain by asking more questions. I guess that individualistic societies thrive on people being able to define their competence by showing how much they know rather than just being with the company they are with. What is the overall difference between where you are now and where you have been... and where you are going? I appreciate your account of the Apple tree blooming, it makes me want to slow down and notice the little things too. How long did it take for you to relax in your new environment? Oh yeah, your mom.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Corey said...

Tim, you and i both know it is your mom.

I'm going to live on Orcas Island for the summer. I'll email you when i'm back in Seattle and then me, you and Alison can get together for a meal.

12:54 PM  

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