Climbing Croghan

First I had to walk through the field, climb over the fence, travel down a dirt road than an asphalt one and finally onto gravel. I had to walk past cars, people, dogs, cows and horses. Scrambling under and over barb wire fences, dodging rocks and cow dung. Then the top. Wind all around me and County Offaly beneath me I stood on top of a bronze age burial mound, a place where chiefs were crowned and a boxing match had once took place.

And now I stood where kings had once viewed their kingdom. Wind blew hard from the West and I felt nothing kingly within me. There was walled graveyard on the east side of the hill with some beautiful Celtic crosses for headstones.

So I shot graves of the dead over looking homes of the living.


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If you get this comment in time, tell Matt I said Happy Birthday Tomorrow. I don't know how to get in touch with him. I hope all is well!

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