So you may wander into life as if it’s a foreign country where everything is written in a language you’ve never read much less heard spoken.

A sign hangs precariously suspended above you’re bruised head. It reads, “Welcome To Life”. You stare at the sign and let a strange numbness wash over you, like the tide going out and coming in. So this is it. This is life.


I’d always wondered what it would look like. What it would taste like.

I figured it would come in a rush of color all at once. Like the scene in the middle of Tim Burtons take on Sweeney Todd where the main characters make an imaginary journey to the seashore. The movie instantly switches from drab blacks, whites and greys to vivid blues, greens and all colors in between. It is all the more beautiful because of the darkness that came before it.

But that doesn’t seem to be “it”.
Or perhaps that scene seems to be precisely “it”. That immediate change from grey to color can only happen in our imaginations, in the world we create for ourselves that no one else can see.

And so you’re torn, between the life that hangs above your head just waiting to crush you and the one inside your mind that can never be quite explained.


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Powerful post.
Beautiful image.

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