Mike The Artist

Sometimes I see Mike and T-Bone around the neighborhood. Usually they have been drinking and usually they're in a very jolly mood. This evening was no exception as I walked by the Buckaroo and stopped to talk with them while they enjoyed the warm weather and my company.

After telling me a fish story we went inside and Mike sat down at a table covered in drawings. I took pictures and asked him to tell me a bit about what he was drawing and why.

I'll let you listen to Mike tell it since it's his story anyway.


Blogger wilsonian said...

Love these images.
Loved them even more when listening to Mike tell his story.

Thanks :)

7:07 PM  
Blogger elle indsay said...

hey! i know that man! sort of. a & i were in the buck having a very serious conversation when he interrupted with a bunch of colored pencil drawings of sharks. it was totally great and just what we needed.

i'll have to listen to that when i'm not at work. :)

11:38 AM  

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