A Joke

I'm not sure about this post. By that I mean this could potentially be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted on my blog. Generally you will find me writing rather serious and pensive discourses on everything from living in the U.S. to questioning what I am doing with my life and why. Oh, and don’t forget the “dark and moody” black and white images I post every so often.

So here is not so much a deviation from that “seriousness” but more a look at how ridiculous our nation has become.

For those of you who have not been keeping up with the American presidential race, and trust me, I only know about this because it pops up on Googles news page everyday, you have not missed anything of any real worth.

I would encourage you to continue to remain indifferent to this three-ring circus we call an election unless of course you have nothing better happening in your own life and need to ride the wave of emotions created by the antics of the media crazed celebrities and presidential candidates alike.

The other day John McCain, your usual rich, white, male candidate, aired a television ad claiming Barack Obama, the non-traditional black (He’s sort of black, his mom was white so that makes him “half-black”. The color of his skin is only a big deal because America is a super racist country) candidate as being nothing but an overblown celebrity.

The ad showed pictures of Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears along with footage of Obama making speeches. It was mildly entertaining.

In response to this ad Mrs. Hilton’s “P. R. staff” (I don’t know the technical name for the people responsible in making big P.R. decisions for celebrities) came up with a ridiculous and ingenious idea: lets make a mock ad with Paris Hilton in it making fun of McCain and then propose some scripted ideas about how she would go about solving the “energy crisis” in America.

This all sounds really dumb and like a huge waste of your time, right? I know, but here is what prompted me to even blog about something as trivial as these smear campaigns: one of these two guys will be our president in 3 months time. This is why to me, and so many other people my age, America has become nothing but a huge joke.

These are not some random ass hats running for class president (although from watching the way they act you would think they are still in junior high). No, these guys are running for one of, if not the, most powerful political positions in the world.

And it depresses me to think that America has become a joke. Not because I think it was once some “great shining light” for the rest of the world and now isn’t. America has always been a greedy, slave driven nation state. No, it depresses me because when I talk to my grandmother America is no joke. It’s a place she loves, a place she can be proud to speak of. I hate that, I hate that chasm between my grandmothers America and the one I exist in.

Hilton’s ad is nothing but a nod to the joke that America has become. I get what Hilton, or whoever wrote her script, was trying to say. Not the words she spoke but the significance behind it. Here is a celebrity made famous because of some steamy sex tapes responding to an ad endorsed by someone that could very well be the next president of the United States! This is modern America at it’s best (or worst, depends on if your talking to me or my grandmother).

Ok so I was wrong. This post did become a bit more serious than I had originally intended it to. Hope you enjoyed it.


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