I am throughly enjoying the new town I have moved to. I rode around with the Day girls today (the Days are my friend Pete's family that has basically adopted me for the last week i've been up here) and tried to stay out of the rain showers that rolled around the bay.

After checking out the farmers market and drinking some really good chocolate milk from the local co-op grocery store I pulled into the Hub (Bellinghams non profit community bike co-op) and started helping out wherever I was needed. I figure one of the best ways to meet people in a community is to put in some volunteer hours at the local bike shop.

So after a couple of hours of stripping junk frames of their useful parts I had a beer and a good conversation with Kyle (basically the dude who runs this place).

I took this wonderful trail home and decided to ride down to the marina in an effort to catch the last rays of a setting sun. I like this town and the people in it. I am just really glad to be here. Seattle had worn out it's welcome in my soul and I knew it was time to be moving on.

So move on I did.


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