A hand pulls the frayed white curtain back to reveal a sky of grey, black birds three propelling dark forms across the vast sea of early morning uniformity.

Retinas register what the mind already perceives.

It’s winter in Seattle, pensive and heavy.

I wake at 3:00 to a house that is quiet inside and out. My mind brings me dark thoughts on a silver platter. After some minutes of nibbling I commit wholly to a few. The minutes pass as I reflect back on years of personal cowardice.

Seconds and minutes accumulate on the black ribbon of time, the hand falls to the next hour as my wakeful eyes gaze out at an uncertain future.

Exhaustion eventually wins out and I slip from this world into the next.

I feel small in the night and uncertain in the day.


Blogger sageplant said...

the darkness can be a friend,it keeps us needing the light

11:15 PM  

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