“You make it beautiful friend,
You make it worth it to the end.”
~Sufjan Stevens

The free wireless Internet signal that streams onto my Mac from some nearby neighbor has once again cut out. We used to have wireless in the house but I think Crapcast wanted to charge us like $80,000 a month or something ridiculous just to have high-speed Internet access. There has been rumor flying around that all of Seattle proper will eventually have wireless access provided by the city. I think its quite funny that the city were the guy who pretty much invented the internet lives doesn’t have a good, free wireless system setup yet. Little known fact about Seattle newspapers: Every other days front headline contains something mentioning Bill Gates or Microsoft (actually, I think by law they have to).

For some reason I just thought about a conversation I have had with my mother many times and I think I will share the topic with you. Funerals. More importantly her funeral and mine. My mom and I have always had a healthy understanding of our finiteness here on planet earth and we have had no qualms about speaking of our funerals and how we want them to be choreographed. We talk of the music we want played, how long we want it to be and where we want our ashes to be spread (after they are done with my organs I definitely want to be cremated, just like my Grandpa). My mom always talks about how she wants the funeral to be a happy affair. She doesn’t see death as an end, but as the beginning of an eternal existence with the One who knows her best. The hardest thing for me is settling on what soundtrack I want played at my celebration (I hold the same view my mother does on who my spirit will be with after the time of my departure and because of that I have chosen to call this ceremony a celebration, because I will certainly be beyond glad to be with Him). When there are so many amazing artists producing solid music my celebration song list is constantly being brought into question. I don’t have a list of songs made up as of yet but I might sit down and do that someday soon.

I’ve always found it strange, our cultures paralyzing fear of death. Its funny how this is one of the least talked about topics and yet we all will go through this experience sometime in the future. It’s the one thing we all have in common (besides birth). So when I’ve moved on, play some Sufjan (Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou) on repeat), drink some good wine (a merlot from the Napa Valley, ask my Aunt Liz to suggest something, she lives in that area) and read aloud any part of The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.

What do you want played at your celebration?


Anonymous josh said...

well . . . in a perfect world, i don't know the music, but i know how i want it to go down. i want to be shot with a flaming arrow while i drift on a raft into the ocean like on first knight. but i've been informed that there are probably some health codes and stuff that won't allow that to happen.

but that's the way man.

7:57 AM  

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