The Avalanche

You can work all of your life as I’m not afraid of you...anymore” And so ends the absolutely breathtaking lullaby called Pittsfield, one of the 21 tracks on singer/songwriter Sufjan Stevens latest album, The Avalanche. I don’t generally become anxious to hear an album before it is released to the public but if you’ve ever listened to anything Sufjan has written you would understand why I spent an evening cruising the internet looking for a “leaked” copy of the c.d.(I do plan on buying the c.d., I just wanted a sneak peek into the upcoming work of this musical genius). After a while I found one copy (yes, I found the whole c.d.!) and after listening to most of the tracks I will only say that this album will leave you wanting more and that’s a good thing in this case.

So here is my shameless endorsement for what I believe to be one of the most talented singer/songwriters to grace the airwaves in many years. His next album will be released on July 11th. You should be able to buy it at your local record store or directly through his record label Asthmatic Kitty.


Anonymous josh said...

you mind sharing the link with me to the magical, secret, page that i've yet to find after reading your blog.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Corey said...


I would rather not disclose that info, i dont know if Sufjan would be really excited about that.

8:35 PM  

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