My Imperfection

Here is a recording of me playing on a very out of tune piano. The piano sat in the apartment that we rented while I lived in Kyrgyzstan. We never really used the piano for much besides stashing money in it (what would be robber would think to open the wood top of an old piano and find thousands of dollars inside?) and sitting on its old, worn bench. The piano wasn’t even ours, it belonged to the old Russian woman who we rented the 2-bedroom apartment from. The apartment was located in this old soviet block housing development that was made completely of cement. The only part of the apartment that wasn’t concrete was the doors. I guess communism doesn’t promote remodeling your home.

Putting this recording on here is a big step for me. I am very self-conscious about the way I sound on recordings (not the music, my voice). This is the first recording I have ever made of me on the piano and actually the first time I have really played the piano since I was about thirteen. I was not as concerned with the quality of the melody as much as the fact that I simply needed to record myself doing something that wasn’t perfect. Something that wasn’t well thought out and planned down to the very last key strike.

Click on the arrow below to hear my imperfection.


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