“It’s like sitting in your living room with a hot cup of coffee in hand”

A good café is not hard to find in this city. But a great one, well, that takes some searching. There are cafes on nearly every corner of this caffeine mecca. This morning I found a great one. The Wannabee. Don’t let the name fool you, its definitely not trying to be like any other establishment that serves coffee in Seattle. The owner, Wally, refurbished the entire inside of the building, spending over a year and a half building everything by hand. Inside is a hodge podge of art that ranges from kids paintings to Chinese lamps. There is even an old wooden statue of some saint that smells heavily of incense. Wally has effectively created a community center. Customers linger for a long time and seem reluctant to leave. There is even a three-legged dog that lies about, enjoying the company of whoever happens to sit next to her. It’s good to stumble upon small blessings unexpectedly.

When you come to Seattle I’ll take you there.

Now for an update on the garden.
After spending an hour or so weeding (I’m good at growing weeds) I harvested my first batch of completely organic snap peas. They taste sweet and fresh. If you have the time and space I would recommend growing some veggies of your own, it’s very rewarding. As far as the rest of the crops go, the lettuce, carrots, cucumber, potatoes and peppers are growing at a slower pace but should be ready to harvest in the next few weeks or so.

Here is a shot of the peas.


Anonymous josh said...

see i've been wanting to start a garden or greenhouse of some sorts. but i don't like vegetables. i would like the relaxing growing part. but not the eating. i'm torn. although if i ever live in a subtropical climate, i can grow crazy fruit like papaya.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Carlene said...

Hi Corey,

I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit better through your blog. The invite for coffee is very tempting. You ask Angela, I would travel halfway around the world for good coffee... can't wait to get back to Tim Hortons! Sarah and I are doing a trip next year, and our last stop before Vancouver will be Seattle. We look forward to a visit with you and coffee! As long as we don't end up drinking too much and being "Sleepless in ...." I know, you have heard that one before!

4:46 PM  

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