We Can't Keep This Up: Thoughts On A Sustainable Lifestyle

So in an effort to stave off any prolonged effects of my sinus infection I have effectively sat in front of my computer for almost half of the day (my body recuperates by relaxing). The good news is that the time spent in front of the computer did not go to waste. I have researched and compiled a massive amount of interesting information on one of the subjects that is quickly becoming a passion of mine: Sustainability.

What is Sustainability you ask?

The Corey Hau definition of Sustainability: Planning, preparing and creating a world were everything is made to use less, give back more than it takes and last longer.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of Sustainability: of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods.

This fall, I will be enrolling in college courses that have to do with topics surrounding Sustainability such as global warming (yes I said global warming, because while I may not agree with the extreme views that some folks take on global warming I still think that we have been severely irresponsible with the usage of resources God has given on this planet), urbanization, food shortage, materials used for building, land usage and a whole slew of other things that relate to our impact on the environment.

I have compiled some great links here that in some way correlate to Sustainability:

Design e2: The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious: This looks to be a fabulous 6 part series (and ladies, its narrated by Brad Pitt) that will be shown on Public Television in the next few weeks. I would recommend tuning in to at least one of the 6 parts to begin to get an idea of Sustainability.

Inhabitat: A great site with many fascinating articles on “green living”.

Kicktheoilhabit.org: A blog documenting a road trip that will be taken in a vehicle that runs on E85 fuel. While I’m not sure on whether or not I endorse the usage of this new fuel source the idea behind the campaign is a good one.

Cradle to Cradle:Remaking the Way We Make Things: I have not yet read this book but the synopsis Amazon gives makes it sound very intriguing. “In Cradle to Cradle, the authors present a manifesto calling for a new industrial revolution, one that would render both traditional manufacturing and traditional environmentalism obsolete.”

And last but not least is the trailer for a movie that may or not be playing at a theater near you. The movie is called Who Killed The Electric Car?

Watch and learn.


Blogger Carlene said...

That bowser at the start is beggining to look very familiar here in Oz. We are getting close to $3 a gallon now. Oh, and I already hook my Mini up to electricity every night - but that is just to recharge the battery so it will start! But seriously, the car industry must be so powerful, to actually be so up front about banning alternative energy. Here they just tried scare tactics to try to stop people using the ethanol mixed fuel. It is catching on now though as it is a good bit cheaper. Also good for our sugarcane farmers, who were almost put out of business by cheaper imports. My Mini has a sweet tooth and loves ethanol!

5:59 AM  
Blogger Corey said...


Thats great to hear that oil companies in Oz aren't controlling everything and that fuel alternatives are starting to catch on.

7:49 AM  

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