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Michael Wong is, no joke, one of the most intriguing and inspiring guys I know. Amongst his many accomplishments he has successfully created and converted an old Mercedes Benz from running on diesel fuel to a veggie oil machine (he even soldered together the 15 gallon aux tank that fits quite nicely into the back of his trunk).

Mike wont toot his own horn so I am going to do it for him.

A recent trip to Indonesia took root deep enough in Mikes soul that it has prompted him to journey over 4500 miles across America by bike in an attempt to raise money for various non-profits operating in Indonesia, the main one being Bikes 4 Indonesia, the organization he created after he saw the deplorable and unsafe conditions of one of the most used forms of transportation, the bicycle.

Mikes idea is to have folks sponsor him per mile (2 cents a mile+4500 miles= $90.00) in an effort to buy and ship over the much needed replacement bicycle parts. Just 30 bucks will buy the needed parts to make one bike safe enough to ride on. The Bikes 4 Indonesians vision statements reads, “Bikes 4 Indonesia wants to assist other organizations with relief efforts, as well as repairing the simple machines, bicycles, that we would have put at the curb 5 years ago.” This is a simple and practical way to restore community to Tsunami ravaged areas.

So please spread the word, link his site and pray for his trip. He is here with me right now in Seattle and will be leaving out tomorrow morning to begin the first leg of his 2-month journey. I recorded a small “interview” with him and in it he explains his vision much better than I can.

Click below to listen to the interview and check out his site, www.Bikes4Indo.com. He’s a good guy riding for a great cause.


Blogger Larph said...

This guy is brilliance personified.

Good luck, ride safely and God Bless.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in Love with Micheal wong!!!!!!!!!!!

12:27 PM  

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