Into Great Silence

Philip Grönings documentary masterpiece Into Great Silence struck me as a beautiful prayer. From the opening scene, where a monk bathed in the early morning light is on his knees in prayer, to the closing scene with that same monk on his knees in prayer the viewer is brought into this foreign, quiet, and meditative world.

Gröning lived at the Grande Chartreuse monastery for over six months and filmed the simple, meditative lives of the monks who inhabit its ancient rooms and hallways.

There were a few scenes in the film where the light and composition was so beautiful that I was nearly brought to tears.

What better way to start my two-month time of meditation than to watch a film about those who have made a lifestyle devoted to meditation and contemplation. My next post will be from Lopez Island. Thank you to everyone who has wished me farewell. Your prayers and encouragement are a blessing.


Blogger kelsey said...

That film was incredibly beautiful. My mouth dropped open in awe many times. I really loved the shot of the cows in the distance, wandering across the green fields with the green hills in the background and the slowly moving fog.

I'll miss you Corey, but I hope you have a great two months. I'm envying you a little, some quiet from the city and everyday life sounds very nice.

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