Take The Time

So here is a video clip from a CNN Crossfire dialogue w/Jon Stewart filmed back in 2004. William told me about this today and I watched it and thought it was great for a number of reasons. The clip is kind of long (about 14 minutes) but well worth it. Jon speaks so much truth in this little interview that i almost jumped out of my chair (for joy) at hearing someone say the things he said on a major American television network.

For those of you who live outside of this walled country called America you might find this clip as an almost normal T.V. dialogue. Just know that in the States T.V. is one of the most censored tools for propaganda to ever be created. Our media tells the story's that the corporate giants who own them want them to tell. And the only story's corporations want us to hear or see are the ones that will keep us mentally inactive while simultaneously telling us what we should believe and buy, and in turn generating more profit for their shareholders.

Scary stuff.


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