The Longest Day (of the year)

Half way through this year and headed toward the next, my soul turns inward and i write compulsively. Most of the words are disjointed, pieces of prose that mean nothing except to the writer. The past has pressed itself upon me with the passion of a long absent lover.

While heaving branches into the back of an old Coke truck i thought of the many people who have been a saving grace for me over the years. As i delved deeper into the memories of these folks it seemed as though these good souls had saved all the grace they had just for me.

A smile of wordless gratitude spread across my face as branches burned into a small pile of ash.

Its good to remember the goodness of others. Thanks upon thanks to all of you who i speak of, i hope you know how much you sustained me and given me hope.

And now a short poem.

Feathered white bellies
glide beneath a sky
that turns bluer
with each passing minute.
The blue turns to black
as the sun says goodbye,
and the sky weeps stars
to help pass the night away.


Blogger kelsey said...

i like your poems.

hey it's my half birthday. i'm getting old!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Carlene said...

Corey, our home is yours for whenever you can make it.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its me again. If you get bored or just want to know what ole Gary is up to you can cruise on by www.gerrenthomasfish.blogspot.com
peace, GF

11:14 AM  

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