Organic Water, what will they think of next. Who are “they” you ask? I have no idea, maybe the little green men who live in subterranean worlds just beneath our homo-sapien cities, hatching new plans for world domination through clever advertising and new consumer gimmicks we didn’t even know we needed. Oh you think I’ve gone out of mind with all this talk of little green men and subterranean cities, hey if you don’t believe me ask the government, their the ones who told me all about it and we know they don’t tell lies.

The water in the jug isn’t actually organic; I stuck that sticker on there after I pulled it off of an orange I ate earlier in the week. But it does make me chuckle every time I see the little fluorescent “Organic” sticker, makes think about how companies actually sell bottled water and how if Coke could it would charge $8.00 a bottle for the little organic sticker to be placed in front of its Dasani line of bottled beverages.

Buying organic is expensive; at least when compared to buying crappy, earth destroying, people exploiting, soulless, bleached, enriched and sugar filled foods. Organic tastes better (most of the time) and I feel better when buying it, which is one of the angles marketers of organic products use to sell their wares. It’s the whole ‘you are a smart, compassionate, and progressive thinking human, you organic consumer you’ feeling. When perusing my local organic food market I usually find myself surrounded by fresh faced, loose fitting, long haired, and free flowing hippie type folks. Your typical “Earth People” or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I'm down with the whole “whole earth” deal.

But lets not fool our selves here, because whether you ride a bike to your local market and buy organic foods which you personally stuff into a canvas sack you brought yourself instead of using the supermarkets bags (which they charge you 5 cents a piece for by the way) or climb into your air conditioned hummer and pull out of the freshly pressure washed driveway of your 3,500 square foot mansion (also air conditioned) in the suburbs and drive the half mile to your local Super Wal-Mart where you buy not a stitch of anything made organically and have it bagged up for you in 10 or 12 of the gazillion plastic bags that Wal-Mart goes through every year you still come out of the stores with this in common; organic or not, plastic or canvas, you are both consumers.

I think I am going to sell organic water, please no one steal this idea from me as I am sure the brilliance of it shines so brightly from your computer screen that you wish you’d worn sunglasses as you read this post. Maybe I’ll call it “H2Organic”. Come on, you know you would buy it.


Blogger Carlene said...

I love the idea - we will help you market it in Aus!
I have a couple of cousins who laugh their way to the bank every time they sell their crop of organic garlic. They tell me that apart from a little extra manual weed control, there is nothing more you need to do, as garlic does not need the protection of chemical! Most of the organic pesticides used have a strong component of garlic! Insects, just like vampires, can't stand to be near the stuff. But my cousins get a premium price for it, and in the supermarkets it's twice the price... go figure!

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Blogger Destiny said...

corey, i miss you. a lot. carla is getting married in a week. chris and allison westbrook (!!) will be coming home soon from their honeymoon road trip. i wish you could come here and sit with me and talk. i am going to denmark for 2 1/2 weeks in a week and 2 days, right after carlas wedding. i am really horrible at this communication thing. so thats why i

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