“Lets take the ferry to Southworth. Some friends of mine are having a dinner party and they want some people from the Seattle artist community to join in.”

I agree to go, put on some nice jeans, a plaid button up shirt and head down the stairs to meet Nathan on the corner of 12th and 43rd. I wait for him to arrive and while doing this spot a photographer crouched down taking pictures of something in the bushes. He walks by me and I ask him what he is shooting, “Cityscapes” he says. We talk about digital vs. film for a few minutes and he encourages me to use the “raw” setting on my camera when shooting images.

I thank him for his advice as I climb into Nathan’s car. We drive to West Seattle, look for and eventually find parking (for zone 3 permit holders ONLY) near the ferry terminal. We pay the fee and walk onto the boat. The ride over takes 40 minutes.

A light but steady rain falls on us as we walk along the road that leads to the old farmhouse. I have forgotten my raincoat.

The simple, white homestead comes into view. 10-foot high fence posts flank us on the left; they are naked and ready for chicken wire to be nailed to one of their 4 rough sides. This will soon be an orchard.

We approach the door, give a light knock and are welcomed into the house. Afternoon turns to evening and the feeling of home deepens. I laugh, drink dark beer from a tap punched through the door of an old refrigerator and thoroughly enjoy every minute of my time spent with the Moras family and their guests.

Sometimes home is a complete strangers house you find while walking through the rain.


Blogger Carlene said...

I hope our home will be your home too. When will you grace our shores?

11:36 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

nice shots man.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Corey said...


I dont know when i'll be making it "down south". My plans changed a bit when i came back from Europe. I need to be in Seattle for a while (maybe a year). Want to spend time with good friends and continue on in some solid relationships.


Thanks, your photos are looking good as well.

11:06 AM  

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