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High school dropout kills eight then turns gun on himself…

Proof that those who dropout of the American school system are prone to mall shooting rampages. Thank you Big Media for your heartless, soulless, and compassionless reports on everything from hurricane battered cities to the hollowed out and desperate citizens of countries the world over. Thank you for your complete absence of humanity when reporting stories that involve nothing but humans and the way they are trying to live out, or cease living out, their existence on this planet.

I have heard that some of you who read my blog do not understand or like posts like these. Posts where I call into account the massive dysfunction of corporate media and the journalists they hire. I make no apologies for these entries.

At one point I was heavily considering a career in photojournalism. That was until I realized I would be pouring my heart and soul into a career that was owned by a corporation. A corporation which cared nothing for me or what I thought.

In the newspaper business you don’t shoot stories, you shoot advertisements. Real peoples lives and stories become the selling point of whatever paper you are working for. This is not fiction. That “high school dropout” was a real person. He was really someone’s son, someone’s friend. He was really living in an entirely insane and disconnected culture, one that eventually led him to pick up a gun and end not only his life but also the lives of eight others.

Talk to me about what is wrong with the American people? Why do we walk into malls, schools, homes and businesses with weapons and mow down 3,5,11,19 people and then turn the gun on ourselves? Michael Moore talks about it in his film Bowling For Columbine. And no offense Mike but there is something more to it than just the availability of weapons in America.

So I will ask you, the reader, what is wrong with us? How did we become such a disconnected society? Why do we live life the way that we do?

Do we need to work 40,60,80,100 hours a week? If you answered yes then why? What are you working towards? A bigger house, car, t.v.?

I will honestly and sincerely ask you this one question:

What are you living for?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Live is a big game.
It starts easy in level 1. Gets more difficult and more, than there is a easy level again. Up. Down. Just a game. It makes fun. It hurts. It almost kills you. It let you be happy. It let you be desperate . Friends and enemys come and go. You win them, you defeat them. Sometimes you find some cheats, the game is easier. Or find or win one more live or two. And if not:

But make sure that your batteries are never flat and that you can handle the buttons ;-D

So that's what I'm living for. To play the game.

the gamer

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Inquisitor said...


I've read several of your blogs and often say to myself...so what? What's the purpose? Why are you doing this? Why? It's like your spinning, void of direction, why? What is your focus?

8:55 AM  

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