Saturday Morning

I wake up, take a shower, eat a breakfast of granola and yogurt with a cut up orange on the side and then jump on my bike and head over to Wallingford. Its on to the bank, the coffee shop where I drink two cups of coffee, send out a few emails, talk to a long lost friend and edit a photo or two.

The sun shines directly in my eyes at times but I sit long enough for it to move behind an old brick building. I find some good house music, download a full set by D.J. Aaron Joseph and put off going outside for just a little bit longer.

Now my time at this wooden bar is coming to a close. My butt is sore and I need fresh air.


Anonymous Inquisitor said...


I challenge you. Any creation or artistic expenditure has a purpose. What is your purpose? Where are you going with this? Why are you doing it? What is it's goal? What is YOUR goal? How did it start? Where did it start? Dare u to post this. Are u afraid of challenge or public introspection? Your posts leave me empty...famished, but with the TASTE of possibility. I'm hungry feed me with more than self-masturbation, self-inventory, hopeless despairs about the state of the world, and self-edification. Where have you come from? What were u made for? Who are u doing this for? Show me what you are made of, or are u too soft in the comfort of your life with less hardships?

9:14 AM  

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