Another Room

A new room, a new space to share with others and new others to share space with. Big, bright windows, two that fling wide open and give me a view of the courtyard below, take up one wall. Its beautiful, southeast facing light that bounces around this tiny white walled room. Who knows how long I’ll be here. No, not in that existential way. Not in that “how long do I have upon this earth” way. This apartment is full of transient artist types and as a result people come and go at a manic pace. Two guys that make and produce music share the apartment with me. No one signs contracts to live here. You just talk to the right guy, pay some money and bam! you’ve got a place to crash. A place to create.

This room is the first space since March that I've been able to call my own. I've slept in caravans, on couch's, beds and floors. The hospitality that has been extended to me as I've bummed around has been more than amazing, its been humbling. I say let the humbling continue.

So here I am. The sometimes writer, sometimes photographer, sometimes traveler living in the cold and drafty well-lit back room of an old two story brick building. I need to find a desk, a curtain and a place to hang my hat.


Blogger kelsey said...

skye's old room?? thats crazy. oh weird, you just wrote this like 20 minutes ago and now i feel like a stalker but i promise, that is not the case. just have good timing i guess.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Its ok Kelsey, i dont mind if you stalk me. It could be worse.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

you're turning into quite the travel writer. you little hemingway you.

9:52 AM  

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