Destroying Home

My neighborhood is disappearing. Developers are moving in and looking for easy prey. Anything that’s over 30 years old is at stake. So I’ve decided to do what I can to keep this place alive even if it will soon be only a faded memory: take pictures. I've added a new gallery of images from around the hood, which you can view here: Nightlights.

I don’t deal well with the kind of change I see sweeping across Seattle. A change that tears down the old and replaces it with nothing of any real benefit to the community. Most new buildings will be condos and town homes that are unaffordable for anyone but those who fully buy into the system of capitalism. Tearing down old homes means less affordable rent options for broke artists like me.

All of this makes me sad, angry and embittered toward a system that has no regard for community and humanity but instead sees everything in dollar signs. I’ll spare you the capitalism rant; you’ve heard it from me before (although it’s a rant I believe should be heard again and again).

What will be left when all we have are generic, ugly and lifeless neighborhoods? Perhaps something that closely resembles an insane asylum.


Blogger Stu Bish said...

hear hear. I see the same over the border...

12:58 AM  
Blogger kelsey said...

i currently live in one of the townhouses you are talking about and i couldn't agree more. though i am personally getting a good deal (renting from my roommates mom who owns/is buying the place) i walk outside and everything looks the same and i rarely see another soul. it feels very uninspired, suburban, boring and impersonal, except in my own tiny room.

7:02 PM  
Blogger jenish said...

I've seen those neighborhoods in US. They are lifeless, and depressing. They are, I'd say, plastic.... I hated them.

9:05 AM  

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