Bringing It Home

What better way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ than to have an anti-war protest in the middle of mass. This is one of the most "right on" direct actions I've ever seen. We need more "in your face" protesting.

Thanks for the heads up Julie.


Blogger kathryn said...

what's the point of protesting? in my opinion, it's to raise awareness or to persuade someone to believe what you believe.
am i right?

so, i don't see how this is doing that. people are aware of the war, the catholic church is anti-war, so they aren't raising awareness.

and do they really expect to persuade people by disrespecting their God by disrupting a service where they are mourning the death of their God?

i know you aren't a christian corey, but come on. do you really think that's okay to do?

i hate war. but it's sad to me that you think this is right on.

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