It’s something else to see this public square that’s normally only inhabited by glassed over consumers or bedraggled homeless filled instead with anti-war protesters and Tibetan refugees singing prayers for those struggling back in the homeland. They light a candle in remembrance of loved ones living under oppression, living under occupation.

It’s something else to see normally sleepy, apathetic Americans take to the streets and actually put words to their disgust. Five years and too many deaths later (how many is “too” many anyway? Isn’t one too much?) Bush is still standing behind his decision and claiming that the illegal occupation of Iraq has been, and I quote, “worthwhile”.

I'm ashamed to say it but I elected this ass for president both times. What can I say; I lived in the south and didn’t know much about politics at the time. I was naïve and ignorant. I'm not anymore. I know more about this system we live within then most would ever care to hear. I know what makes us insane. I know what keeps us enslaved.

But you don’t want to hear about that. I suspect a lot of you who view this blog are thrown for a loop when I write these political and inflammatory posts. I know that there are still a good chunk of readers who have been following my life for a few years now via this blog and the one before it. You’ve seen a fairly dramatic shift from a young, wide-eyed missionary to a poetic wanderer and eventually into a disenchanted and apathetic unbeliever. Most folks don’t live this transparently. Perhaps I'm a fool for keeping this online journal. Fool or no I’ll still keep on writing, still keep on changing.

If you’re not changing you’re already dead. So stay safe inside of your dead thoughts and let them serenade you into a dead sleep. People have asked me why I am so radical. I think the question I would like to ask in return is why they are dead to the world? My life only looks so “radical” because I live in one of the most socially oppressed nations on earth. It’s not hard to be radical in a nation where not driving (or owning) a car is seen as something only hippies do.

If refusing to not have debt (also known as debt slavery), not work 60 hours a week, and not shop at Wal-Mart makes me a radical then so be it. Funny thing is I don’t even consider myself a “radical” individual. I see myself as a sane man asking sane questions in an insane culture.

What kind of questions are you asking? Are you even asking any at all?


Blogger rob horton said...

wow - from "wide-eyed missonary to a poetic wanderer and eventually into a disenchanted and apathetic unbeliever". i think i might be going through a similar process.


8:30 AM  
Blogger sageplant said...

How Invigorating

Jesus gets feed up too Matt 23

11:31 AM  

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