Journal Entry

A journal entry from a few weeks back.

June 13, 2008

It was a still walk home from Megan’s party tonight. I carried the Guinness four pack in my belly up the long hill home like a mother carries her child before she gives birth. I drank the Guinness to remember where i had come from. I drank to remember what the Irish had told the rest of the E.U. by refusing the Lisbon Treaty: fuck off.

The leaves that hung from the trees did not stir on this unusually cool June evening. I passed turn of the century craftsmen houses flanked by 70’s art deco apartments, thin pale lights flicking on and off on walls and drawn shades. The area was called Frellard. Nothing more than neighborhood upon neighborhood of houses clinging to the side of Phinney Ridge. The view was spectacular. You could watch the seasons change over Ballard and beyond that the Olympics.

But for now the season came on slowly, cool nights clinging to the robe of early summer like those little remnants you pick up while walking through a field of tall grass on a warm summers day. The kind of day where you watch swallows flit their tails back and forth as they glide effortlessly over the pastures catching bugs in their hungry mouths.


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