I attended a wedding last week and in the process ran into a little friend of mine. Molly is this beautiful soul that lives in a house on Orcas Island with her mother, father and little sister. Last year while working on Orcas I lived above a wood shop just down the hill from Mollys house.

Some evenings I would walk through the grove of firs, the field full of reclining bunnies and up the hill to the warmth and light spilling from her house to sit with her family. Occasionally I would read her books and tell stories of my own. Molly loved hearing stories.

I was reminded of this relationship between Molly and I this last week when she gave me a picture drawn in January that depicts me in black pants and a black pullover standing next to her and her sister. I love receiving hand drawn pictures from kids.

Then the wedding day came and Molly was in her extroverted element as a flower girl with a basket full of petals and a headdress of faux flowers. Here is Molly just moments before she walked down the grassy aisle leaving a trail of flowers in her wake.


Blogger kelsey said...

kids are the greatest. i miss talking to them. oh and i am still bitter that i never got to be a flower girl.

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