Something Truly Strange

Well, it may not be all that strange to you who have never read the local Seattle magazine called The Stranger. Each Thursday red metal boxes across this urban landscape are replenished with a fresh supply of juvenile, hate filled, hetero-phobic "journalism". And it's 100 percent free.

It is only because of this free status that I actually waste a few minutes of my week grazing through its shit filled pages to see if there is something actually worth reading.

To my utter surprise
last weeks issue not only contained an article worth reading all the way through but was actually interesting enough for me to blog about and pass onto you. That is a truly strange happening.

The aforementioned article is titled "United States of Anxiety" by Trisha Ready. In the article Trisha tells her own story of the American mortgage and debt crisis in such a way that someone who doesn't even have debt or a mortgage (me) actually pulled quotes because of the poignancy found within them.

I'll leave you with this quote: "I am talking about being a product, a product among products, an American. It is tricky: We have been so well sold to ourselves that we consider our access to potential debt as a kind of twisted freedom. We are of money, from money, made for money."


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hetero-phobic? please explain.

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