Dark Harbor

I can hear it coming long before it reaches these shores. Blowing its mournful horn through the foggy recesses of my thoughts. This ship sails into the minds harbor and stays for quite some time, finding safe passage through the brighter moments only to put off mooring for exactly the right time and place.

The time and place is now. Where it goes when it’s not docked here I know not, I only know when it is coming (and rarely when it will be going). It brings with it a darkness I have come to recognize but will never grow fond of. There are lessons to be learned in this darkness, I just sometimes wish they could be learned in the light as well.

This gently rocking vessel drains me, exhausts me, destroys the me I like best in an attempt to keep things in balance. Yet it leaves me in tact just the same (but never the same as before it came). I do not think it will kill me, at least not by itself alone.

Fear and Self Loathing are its cargo, Doubt and Insecurity its freight. There will be beauty again; there will be laughter and song and dance in its proper turn. Now it is a different time, a turning of day to night. You cannot always live in the light, as the darkness helps to remind us of just how beautiful the light can be.

So now the time has come, to let the dark mantle descend.


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