Writing a post late at night.

Sorry to say but this post has the potential to be neither deep nor insightful. The day ran away from me and the time I planned to spend writing this post just wasn't available.

Either way, I didn't want to leave you with nothing so hear is a picture I took of raindrops (yes, its raining in Seattle as always) on a bike seat. I spotted these drops while eating a plate of organic wheat spaghetti (mhhh) that my friend Sam prepared.

What compelled me to take the picture was the way the light was back lighting the raindrops as they hung from the bike seat.

I know water drops are way over shot but hey, sometimes its nice to walk a path that's already well worn (that is probably one of the stupidest things I've ever said but I am tired remember).

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable thus far.

Lets call this picture
"Wood and Water: A Look At the Connection Between What We Are and What We Could Be."


Anonymous andrea lynn sisson said...

Your picture is beautiful. It is good to hear your voice, and that you are still alive. And are you well? Are you staying in Seattle for a while? I'm graduating from TFC May13th 10:30. FInally, eh? I have a teaching job next year at a middle school--7th grade English...anyways, shoot me an email and tell me how you are, if you're not busy...peace to you bro.

6:18 PM  

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