Allison's Song

At the age of 12 I met a girl named Allison Owenby. I have known her ever since. Our families took us to the same church and because of that we ended up becoming friends (let’s be honest, when you’re young you don’t really “go” to church, you just end up there because that’s were you’re parents go). As Allison grew into a beautiful young woman so to did her voice. She would write songs and then sing them to her friends, always remaining open for honest opinions and critiques of what they thought.

Early one morning in late December of last year Allison picked up her guitar, walked into my then pregnant friend Susie’s bedroom, sat down on the edge of the bed and proceeded to play a song for Susie. I had my trusty recorder on hand for the event and recorded a small piece of this song she was working on.

I had planned to sit down and edit the song on my computer but life happened and I all but forgot about Alli’s hauntingly melodious tune. Actually, when I did finally make the time to edit the song I could not find the recording. I was distraught at the reality that I might have accidentally deleted her recording (it was recorded digitally).

Hope was restored today as I browsed through some c.d.’s full of recordings I had made in the last year. So now, from the girl who introduced me to Sufjan Stevens, I bring you a piece of this unnamed and unfinished work of art. Enjoy.


Blogger Phil (England) said...

A very moving piece Corey. It reminds me of lost opportunities with friends at high school and college back in the UK. Its really a high quality ballad.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous leslie said...

Part 1: Nick and I are dying to get to Seattle and I really used to be obsessed with Dave so I would love to see his house.
Part 2: Well fight club is my first and second favorite movie just depending on what mood I'm in. But I saw some movies on your list that I have not heard of...fill me in. And that song was completly beautiful.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous leslie said...

Part 3: I have been able to read over your blog and I really have enjoyed the way you write. I skim over most blogs but I have read most of yours. Also, I love your pictures. I recently got an amazing camera (nikon d70) and I am really a baby at learning this stuff. Do you use Adobe to play around with grayscale because I really like your black and white pictures. Can you give me some hints please?

1:20 PM  

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