Building A Life.

Do my blog titles sound to epic? I kind of like the drama I can introduce a blog entry with by the title I think up, kind of like a movie title.

So in quick fashion (I’m not feeling deep tonight) I would like to inform you of what the near future is shaping up to look like. In the month of August I will be closing the chapter on my volunteer work with YWAM. This last year has been a mixture of good and bad with a lot of life experience thrown in-between but I’m not sad to be moving on. This summer will consist of me helping my friend Marcus with a youth training program a few days a week, remodeling Pats house and preparing to attend Seattle Central Community College in the Fall.

Below I have included a picture of Pats basement as it looks right now. In the next 6 weeks I will be assisting Virgil (Pats brother in law) in constructing the room I will be renting. Yes, I will be building my own room for the next month or so, isn’t that amazing! I will post pictures on here as the progress gets underway. Pat lives in a 70-80 year old house, which is comprised of a basement, first floor and attic (second floor). In the last couple of months, Pat and Virgil have become good friends of mine. They both have their eccentricities but I like that about them, it makes them more honest and accessible.

I cannot give you an update on Jeff (my friend who’s in the hospital fighting cancer) right now because I have to track him down. I went out of town for a week and I believe the hospital moved him to another location. He gets shuffled around a lot and it makes it very hard for me to keep in touch with him.

So there is my “update” entry. Hope you feel informed. Email me with any specific questions.


Anonymous jacqui said...

i think it's epic that you are building your own room at pat's house, so your blog title is by no means overdramatic. have fun! i look forward to getting some pics.

6:16 PM  

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