To Us.

I know, I know. I should keep to a blogging schedule. At least that’s what all the online blogging “how-to” manuals suggest…hold on.

Stop. This post will not be what I intended it to be.

It’s an illusion. Our lives. The things we wear (or the things that wear us), the car we drive, the God we follow (maybe I mean to say the way we follow Him, because you do understand we are conditioned to worship Him the way we do).

Why is it that something as simple as someone squatting behind a dumpster and urinating on the asphalt brings everything back into perspective for me? Why does it take someone else’s degradation to remind me of the thin veil that separates my actions from theirs?

Does anyone else struggle with this stuff or is it that everyone has struggled with their own humanity, come to grips with it and moved on, leaving me to figure this one out on my own (well that sounded very self deprecating).

Some people run to the city in an effort to lose themselves, hoping to become something they simply couldn’t become living around people that they had grown up with and knew them all too well. I came here and unintentionally ran headlong into myself.

Where others saw a hiding place I saw only the darkest corners of my life being illuminated by the darkness of others.

End post.


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