Of Pianos and What We Miss

Do you ever write to music? Sometimes I do. When writing I tend to stay away from lyrically driven music and stick to just instrumental, ambient or techno music (yes, I used to be a raver and I like techno music). I’m writing this post while John Hinson plays full and rich on the piano in the background. If you enjoy the piano I would highly recommend listening to some of John’s music. The piano has this amazing quality of instantly putting me into a state of reminiscence. My friend Sara used to work at Nordstrom’s in the Mall of Georgia and sometimes when I would go to visit her there would be someone sitting behind the big black piano, playing melodies that made their way from the sheet to the eyes into the brain and eventually down the arms to the hand and then onto the white keys that made sounds that were amplified throughout the entire store via a microphone and speaker system.

I would usually walk into the store with a friend (because who wants to go to a mall that big alone?). But as soon as I saw that someone was playing on the piano I would ask my friend if we could stop and listen to the song being played. This request was usually obliged for no more then 10 seconds before my friend would become restless and need to move onto the next thing. I have always found it hard to walk with people anywhere in public. They seem to be very ill at ease, afraid to stop and watch life happen. Watching life unfold before me is a favorite pastime of mine and one I would like to pass on to others, if only they would stay still long enough to let me show them what I see.

I was going to write about New York in this post but my attention was diverted and it’s all John Hinson’s fault.

New York will have to wait till next time.


Blogger Carlene said...

I too enjoy watching the world turn around me. I guess I also have the privilege of sharing people's stories in my work, but just sitting and watching is good too. I find all people so interesting.

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