December Already!

Where did December come from? Last thing I remember was walking down sun drenched roads with the sound of laughter and music flitting from inside houses through open windows and doors. The smell of lavender and rosemary rose to meet me, an almost healing scent that immediately stilled the many voices rushing through my head. Somehow the last few months have slid by me and I wake to find December already underway with its cold, windy and dark days pushing me into the future without any regard to my protest for it to slow down.

School will be ending this week and two weeks after that I’ll be on a plane headed back to the South. The holidays are calling me back to where I came from. It will have been almost a year since I’ve seen Georgia and the people that live within its borders and to be honest I miss them. My mother, father, sister, brother and three dogs have been patiently awaiting my return back to the confines of all that is the South.

I will only be back for 10 days this time, that’s all I can handle. The South is a powerful place and it has a tendancy to steam roll anyone who thinks outside of what is deemed culturally acceptable. Lord willing, I will keep my mouth shut (yeah right) and ears open to hear the stories of the last year and what I have missed in my absence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to the conclusion once that 10 days was the perfect amount of time to go home for. I'm going home for three weeks this Christmas.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Carlene said...

Going home can be so surreal.
Hope you have a wonderful time with your family! Sometimes mouth shut and ears open is the best way to survive. Besides, as an adult sometimes we hear things our childhood ears were deaf to.
I know I did.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Good advice, Carlene. Unfortunatly my mouth tends to have trouble stying shut and the opinions i have on everything seem to gush forth without any regard for tact.

Its the presentation i have to work on.

12:23 AM  

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