Living In Twilight

“You look darkly on the day
Memories to light your way
A little sad but its all right
Because we are always living in twilight.”

~The Weepies

Despite the weeks of endless rain filling gutters, clogging drains, and turning dry sun baked earth to mud, I am not depressed. Stressed, overworked, and sleep deprived yes, depressed no.

I wrote an 8-page paper for class this week stating why I believe moving too often at a young age can adversely affect children far beyond their adolescent years. It was definitely the most comprehensive piece of research I have ever compiled and I had a great time completing it. Writing the paper made me think that I might like to write a book at some point in the future. It seems pretty trendy right now, writing books. Maybe its all the confidence people have gained from writing blog entries that gives them the idea that they can tackle something as hefty as writing a book. My motivation for writing is not as innocent. My writing is full of much more ego than that. I believe I have something worth saying, something that people would listen to, and something worth listening to. Then again I am a self-proclaimed bastard, arrogant to the core.

So in an effort of penance for my arrogance I want to share some photos with you. Two good friends of mine, Sarah Sweeney and John Taylor, took these pictures. I have known John for many years and when he’s not playing drums (he’s one of the most amazing drummers i know) for Corey Crowder you can find him snapping pictures from the front seat of the tour bus as it wheels its way across America. John has a great sense of lines and composition which is why something as simple as a road lit by headlights turned out to be a work of art, yellow and white lines leading to a blip of red taillights set far off on the horizon. Thanks for letting me use this image John.

As soon as Sarah showed me this image I asked her two things: 1) if she could email a copy of it to me, and 2) if she would tell me the story behind this image. Graciously she said yes to both questions and now you the reader are blessed with not only a great image but also an interesting story to go along with it. Sarah taught English for over a year while living in Japan. While there she took in the sights of traditional Japanese life. On one of these said outings she was in a small village (the name of which escapes me) standing on the side of the road when the monastery bells began to ring out. All of the sudden the normally stoic and calculated monks that lived in the monastery broke out into a run and Sarah happened to have her camera in hand when they ran by. While passing by Sarah one of the monks turned and smiled at her. What you see below is the visible creation of the story she told me. Thank you Sarah for allowing me to share this moment with friends and family.

In closing I will say this: My entries will be far and few between for the next few weeks as I work hard at school and work. I will complete this quarter in three weeks but until then my creative energies have been redirected to writing essays and research papers. School is going well and I doing great. I have decided to point myself in the direction of Sociology, but I cant say that I’m completely sold on the idea of four years of school to obtain a piece of paper.

Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy school enough to stick it out to the end.


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