Tired Thoughts

It’s late, for me. 10:26 p.m. to be exact. I sit down with a hint of scotch rising from my breath and begin to bang out whatever comes to mind. I don’t normally drink scotch and actually tonight was the first time. Skye was given a bottle for her birthday. The bottle was expensive, 50 dollars, and from a little island off of the coast of Scotland called Skye. No, she said her name doesn’t come from there, its just happens to be spelled the same.

I still live in the Abbey, although some days I wish I didn’t. Days when I’m tired and don’t feel like dealing with people when I get home from school. Days when I feel stressed to the point of breaking, days when I need some space, some silence. Days like today. It is because of this lack of mental and physical space that I have not been able to process nor articulate thoughts. Most days my mind draws a blank.

Soon though, I’ll have the space.
This season of community will be a short one. I have come to the realization that I have never lived on my own and that I may fear that being alone so much that I force myself to live in communities. There are definite benefits to communal living and I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t lived communally that you should if ever presented with the opportunity.

There is a balance between communal living and living alone. If I were to summarize it Baz Luhrmann style I would say live in community but get out before it makes you hard; live by yourself but find a housemate before it turns you into a control freak.

I know this a rambling post;
I don’t expect that to change for some time. I will do my level best to write down my random thoughts in a format that is somewhat digestible for those of you who exist outside of my mind.

I was looking through my pictures from the time I spent in Amsterdam and thought how nice it would be to share one with you. This picture of David was taken in the tram as we cruised through the narrow streets of this 12th century city. David and I spent two months together living in Kyrgyzstan and during that time became fairly close friends.


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well, chris and I are making plans to tie you down when you come down for Mizzes (sp?) wedding so then you wont really havea choice, the crew to its fullest will once again be in the good ole atl....oh and by the way...did you know carla has a boyfriend..... and word on the streets is, they are talkin' marriage.....craziness..pick up the durn phone next time i call for cryin out loud.....
~these lovely abrupt thoughts are by Destiny Trotter

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