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Frontline, one of the only programs on American television that I am comfortable with vouching for, has put out a new documentary on retirement in America called "Can You Afford To Retire?" (if you click on that nifty little link to the left you can watch the entire program online, yet another reason why Frontline is an amazing program).

This show was very disturbing to me for really one reason which I'm not sure the producers intended it to be (and if they did intend it they did not cover this issue in the show). This show proved (once again) that corporations (yes, I do believe they are straight from the pit of Hell!) see their employees and the American public as nothing more than disposable batteries. Retirement plans which use to be handled by the company you worked for now have "given" the employees the responsibility to save money for their retirement. Sounds nice and liberating right? Wrong. Corporations set up the 401(k) plan so that they would eventually have to put less and less into their employees pension plans. And that is exactly what they are doing.

Understand this, corporations care nothing about you. They need you to fuel the wheels of their greed and that is all, plain and simple. You are expendable, you are not unique (as far as they're concerned).

Here is an activity you might want to try on your own time. Read this article: "Escaping The Matrix", then go out and rent the first Matrix film and look for the parallels spoken about in the "Escaping The Matrix" article. You may just find yourself beginning to see the world around you in a very different way.

That article basically sums up the much of the class i took at Seattle Central last quarter called "Escaping the Matrix: A Discourse of Power". It was one of the most eye opening and perspective challenging experiences I've ever been engaged in.

I hope this entry was not a bore. I don't normally post entries about these kinds of issues but i felt compelled to upon finishing that documentary. Feel free to view the program and post your comments on here. It would be cool to have a little dialogue about it.


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