Beyond Grace

One day I’ll be lifted up above the treetops and I swear I’ll come up laughing. Six hundred and thirty full moons later and life still remains a great and boundless mystery to me. I’ll hold onto my dreams for as long as I can. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to give up on life than simply stop dreaming, stop hoping, and stop believing in what you cant explain. It’s as simple as that. Life ceases to be worth living when the imagination is so pumped full of “realism” that it can no longer move beyond the possible and into the realm of the impossible.

Every night my room goes dark to this world and becomes illuminated by another. Some nights my room is so full of life that it wakes me with a start. There are also moments during my waking hours that contain a richness for life I cannot comprehend.

Sometimes I hear songs, experience moments, and see things that puts my spirit somewhere that reaches beyond grace.

“More than ever
Our thoughts are blinded
By the way we all see.”

~Micah P. Hinson


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