Shooting Stars

Our vessel slid across the surface of the water propelling us onward to our destination. I stood on the deck and shot the brightest star in the sky. Its light was seen and felt by everyone who stood on that deck.

On the same day but many hours later after our little planet had rotated itself away from the glow of that dying star I found myself being warmed by the embers of an open fire. Pat cooked fish on aluminum foil and told stories while Venus spun itself into view. At one point a star shot across the night sky leaving a trail of brilliant white light in its wake.

After the stories and the shooting stars I found my way inside the house and beneath the covers of the bed that would hold me nightly for the next two months.


Blogger Michael Ashley said...

Corey. Sup dude. I'm back from the honeymoon. It was awesome. Thanks so much for coming and being in the wedding. I love you brother. Have a great time in your internal adventures!

12:08 PM  
Blogger hannah said...

this post is so poetic!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous william said...

AST 110!!!!!
yeah, corey. represent!!!!

1:19 PM  

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