Fear As A Foundation

I wont carry on in this post (well, at least not too much). No long diatribe about how disgusting it is that the G20 summit comes to Toronto, erects a 10 foot high, miles long fence to keep protestors out of the conference area. I’ll be straight to the point.

This is what a police state in action looks like. 20,000 police officers using sound cannons, mounted police, pepper spray bottles that look more like fire extinguishers, coercive tactics, rubber bullets, batons, and the list goes on.

This unprecedented show of force only belies the utter fear with which the Canadian government and the G20 nations are operating from. They fear the average citizen who dares to exercise their right to be informed and then verbally takes that information to the street in the form of a protest.

$1 billion. That’s how much is being spent (paid for by tax dollars, mind you) to protect the talking heads descending upon Toronto in their helicopters and black caddies. This is a meeting of the mega wealthy getting together to talk about how they can continue to stay mega rich.

This isn’t about you and me, it never was and it never will be. This is about fear, greed and the continuation of a corrupt world system that robs from the poorest to feed the wealthiest.

This is what it looks like when you use fear as a foundation.